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Oil and Gas Pipe Equipment

Steel Pipe and Valves in the Oil and Gas Sector

1. Henze Group for Oil / Gas Pipeline and Equipment

Henze Group works in an international network covering North America, Middle East, Asia,
Africa and South America etc. to serve your project the best solutions.

Our group integrates steel pipe and manufacturing, domestic & foreign trade, warehousing and logistics of steel products.. Within our group there are several factories producing seamless and welded (ERW, LSAW, SSAW) pipe.  We have Seamless pipe, ERW pipe, SSAW pipe, LSAW pipe, pipe fittings, flange which we arrange for you with high quality and price competitiveness.  Our shipping company arranges the shipping up to your port of delivery.

2. Further assistance

Within our group we can also provide you with pipeline installation company, joint coating material, welding equipment, and many other services.  Our aim is a content customer and a quality product.

3. OCTG Products

Seamless steel pipe: OD: 1/4 inch-36 inch, wall thickness:1.25mm to 50mm,

ERW steel pipe: OD:1/8 inch to 24 inch, wall thickness: max 26.5mm

LSAW steel pipe: OD:16 inch to 64 inch , wall thickness: max 65mm

Spiral welded steel pipe: OD:219mm to 3120mm, wall thickness: 3mm to 25mm

4. API 5 L Certifications

Our Chinese partners were founded in 1978 and are the successors of China’s oil and gas pipeline science research institute. They are the most authoritative pipeline engineering research institute, consisting of eight backbone institutes and in house postdoctoral research stations. They are the main body in controlling, that oil and gas pipes are “safe”. They are China’s leading technology center and hold a branch of China’s welding association and a large number of advanced equipment.

They are Know How holders in engineering pipeline materials, pipe welding technologies, piping, special tools, pipeline construction, pipeline corrosion protection technology, piping nondestructive testing technology, pipeline safety evaluations, standardizing pipe on a domestic level, undertaking more than 200 national and provincial key technology research projects. They hold a number of patents domestically and abroad, and are in application for further patencies.

As a professional manufacturer of steel products , they have invested in six factories throughout China. Main products are
seamless steel pipes, ERW, SSAW, LSAW pipes with production capacity of 2,000,000MT per year.

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